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See work that we’ve done for other senior executives. Notice that each resume is unique, customized to the individual’s career story.


“I must say my initial impression is ‘Wow!’ You not only captured the essence of my career but also have drawn out specific achievements which I had taken for granted yet clearly demonstrate my executive skill set.”
M.B., healthcare strategy executive

“Now I see why everybody uses you. The resume is absolutely fantastic.”
A.V., media executive

“Thanks very much for the excellent work. Each of the two letters read perfectly. Moreover, the LinkedIn profile is very thorough and cleverly thought through. I am very impressed with the results as well as the instructional detail. I look forward to working with you in the future.”
R.T., finance executive

“Overall, I am sincerely impressed. In fact, I felt a surge of confidence just reading about how great I am!”
H.D., financial services VP

“Louise, I am very impressed with how well you captured my personality, both in the LinkedIn profile and on the resume. You can count on me for referrals!”
S.L., entrepreneur

“Oh, my goodness, you are a genius! After reading your drafts, my husband, who struggled with why I couldn’t just write it all myself, was blown away by your work. I only have a few tiny corrections to make which I can do myself … a thousand thank-yous.”
L.W., operations executive

“As always your help was outstanding and I have a new job just a few weeks after your help sharpening my resume. Thank you again.”
T.S., business development executive

“Louise, you may be the best listener I ever met. Terrific first impression of your work!”
D.M., sales executive

“Louise—Let me first say that this is a fantastic resume. You really captured my story. This resume allows me to pivot away from my 20+ years of [functional] experience and launch my new career. Great positioning. Thank you.”
S.R., President/CEO

“Holy cow—this is about a million times better than what I originally sent to you!!!”
J.R., Attorney & Startup Advisor

“Louise, the resume looks great and I’m really happy with the content and the way you focused the resume on achievements and strengths.”

“The resume you created for me… was extremely effective in helping me land a position with a San Diego technology company within a month of my departure from my previous employer.”
S.L., general management executive, software industry

“You have done an amazing job in sifting through the volumes of basically raw notes I sent you. I am stunned at how you have been able to so accurately capture and articulate my core message and strengths.”
J.M., telecommunications COO

“Louise, you are the second or third person I’ve had in my career to help me with preparing my resume, and you’re the first who has really added value.”
B.W., marketing executive

“I’ve accepted a position…. the salary is almost 20% higher than my current salary. Very nice.”
J.D., multimedia producer

“I saw the updated resume for [name]… and my reaction was “WOW”! Beautiful formatting, well written, effective use of keywords… It’s rare that I’ve seen such an impressive document.”
M.P., executive career coach

“I was extremely impressed with your work. The differences between how my version read and your draft were astonishing.”
L.M., manufacturing operations executive

“I am close to landing a position… the director told me during one of the interviews that she was impressed with my resume and the ‘Outcomes’ that show what I’ve done.”
D.W., nonprofit manager

“I have two interviews this week… I submitted your first draft of my resume less than two weeks ago and that generated these interviews.”
E.D., health sciences executive

“Thank you for the killer cover letter. It is excellent and can easily be amended depending on the target company. I knew you were good, but frankly, you exceeded my expectations.”
D.W., sales and marketing executive

“I am very pleased with the resume you updated for me a few weeks ago. I have sent out 10 resumes and had 3 responses. Last week I was one of 12 selected to interview from more than 300 applicants.”
R.S., technology executive

“I have an offer in hand and expect another right after the holidays. I know the resume played the key role in getting the interviews.”
K.N., human resources executive

“I am so very happy with your work. I keep reading it over and over, amazed at how wording makes all the difference. I am kicking myself that I did not do this sooner!”
K.B., administrative manager

“The resume and cover letter you created were the keys in a very short job search.”
J.S., retail executive

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your services… when I started this, the following kept coming to mind—’A lawyer who represents himself has a fool as a client.’ That is the way I felt about writing my own resume. Thank you for providing such a quality product.”
M.E., healthcare executive

“I have been unable to find any part of the draft I would like to improve.”
S.R., operations manager

“The resume has generated nothing but great comments and is proving an invaluable tool for opening doors..”
D.M., technology executive

“I truly had more calls for interviews than I could schedule in a two-week period. The cover letter, in particular, ‘wowed’ everyone. Within two weeks of picking up my resume I had the wonderful dilemma of having to decide between two great companies and opportunities.”
D.D., sales professional

“My search was quite fruitful: 5 offers in total, in about 5 weeks. Thanks for your help. I will join a small private e-biz consulting firm in Asia.”
R.L., business development executive

“The HR Director of [major bank] said it was one of the most impressively written resumes he had ever seen. He especially liked the colleague testimonials section. Most of the people that I talk to are already sold on me the moment they read my resume.”
C.G., banking executive

“I must again compliment you on an extremely good job. As I was reading [my resume], there were a couple of items that I honestly did not remember talking about in our phone conversation, so your ability to pick up on things, however small, and put them in words is truly amazing. I know this is money well spent.”
R.W., technology executive

“Thank you very much for the professional job and I might add the upbeat interview you did with me on the phone. It’s hard to lose your job, you question your own self-worth, and you made me believe in myself again as we worked on the resume.”
B.W., risk management executive

“The resume is a work of art. I truly was not expecting the results to be as great as they are.”
J .L., manufacturing senior executive

“The restructuring of my resume has had a big impact on the success I am seeing. Initially there was some question in my mind as to whether or not it was worth the $ to have my resume written professionally. Now, there is no doubt in my mind it was the right thing to do.”
T.T., senior executive

“You have done a magnificent job and are truly a professional at this.”

“Looking for a job has been fun. All kinds of doors seem to be opening that I never thought would. I interviewed with a CEO yesterday… after reading my resume, he was interested to see ‘what I was all about.’ I was offered the job after our first interview.”
S.H., sales executive

“With my well-crafted resume, I was offered and have accepted the position of VP/Treasurer at [company name]… I have sent a few more people your way.”
S.B., financial executive

“I wanted to write and thank you for the work you did on my resume. I received a ton of offers and ended up taking a job in Texas. I am still receiving job offers months after I took the job. Your work is excellent.”
M.B., economic analyst

“Thanks in large part to your resume, I quickly landed a new position with a 42% salary increase!”
T.S., purchasing/sourcing manager

“I have taken a position as Vice President of a US joint venture in Shanghai… with a great deal of potential and new products coming out. Thanks for your excellent efforts on the cover letter and resumes. They were well received by all.”
S.L., agribusiness executive

“Frankly, I didn’t think I’d need any help with my resume, but when I saw what you did with it, I was amazed… and totally convinced.”
J.B., international business manager

“Louise, I just wanted to tell you that I got the VP position. Thank you very much for your help with my resume.”
J.W., retail fashion executive

“I got a great job with an international company located in [CITY]; I am an executive director for one of their US-based programs. Your resume opened the door…”
D.R., health care program manager

“The resume looked great. Image conveyed was progressive and vibrant.”
T.D., executive recruiter

“Just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know that I found a new job after only 6 weeks… I have received several compliments on my resume. I have you to thank for that. Your work is superb!”
J.M., cost accountant

“I sent my original resume to an executive recruiter who had contacted me and told her I was having it professionally redone. Her response was rather negative about the outlay of cash for the service… When I sent her the resume that you created for me, she was amazed. In fact, she contacted me again to get your name and web site for one of her clients who needs resume work.”
D.F., marketing executive

“I wanted to thank you for your help with my resume. It certainly made my job search much more effective. I received several compliments from recruiters and people with whom I interviewed. After a 2-month search, I recently started at job as a Senior Account Executive.”
S.E., advertising executive

“I recently accepted a job… I just wanted to thank you for the incredible resume you put together for me. You have been very professional and most receptive to my needs.”
M.E., HR executive

“Louise, I am very happy with my resume. You were highly recommended and now I know why.”
A.M., administrative manager

“The resume is great! It’s exactly what I was hoping you could do with it… which I’ve struggled with doing myself.”
J.K., technology executive

“The resume you helped me write knocks the socks off people.”
D.W., sales executive

“The resume you wrote for me was so kick-ass I got a job on my first interview.”
C.T., computer industry executive

“Many thanks for all the fine work you did on the document. It now tells my story with a cohesive theme and gives me many talking points to expand upon during interviews. I also appreciate your candid advice while constructing the document. I feel I truly benefited from your writing talent and expertise in the field.”
K.K., knowledge management executive

“Just wanted to let you know that yesterday I received an offer for that executive position… I couldn’t have done it without all of your help and guidance.”
T.B., business-development executive

“Thanks to your coaching, my session with the recruiter was very smooth. I was impressed (and, I must admit, surprised) at how valuable the interview coaching was.”
R.P., plant manager

“Your coaching helped me get a significant raise with my current employer. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
E.M., call center manager

“Thank you for your help during my recent job search. I am pleased to let you know that the company in Seattle has offered me the position of Vice President for their operations group.”
W.S., operations/logistics executive

“I decided on taking the SVP position (one of two excellent offers). Thank you for all your help and guidance. I enjoyed working with you and have tremendous respect for your work.”
A.M., business development executive

“I have some good news to share. I will be starting a new job with [COMPANY] in Boston next week as a senior investment officer. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”
R.K., financial/real estate/investments executive

“I have to say you exceeded all my expectations.”
J.G., marketing executive

“I have landed a position; it is a step up in ranking with increased compensation. I found this job within one week of launching the new resume you created… I have done much better in interviews as well. Thanks for your help. It has been a turning point.”
S.C., technology executive

“I landed a job that I really wanted in Indianapolis. I had 3 interviews and actually was offered all 3 positions.”
T.G., healthcare manager

“Louise, I think you may be the most professional person I’ve ever encountered, in all the best ways.”
N.D., pharmaceutical sales representative

“You are the best at what you do.”
M.C., advertising agency president

“It is amazing that so many years ago I saw your website and was struck that you were different from the rest of the pack. How true it has proven to be. You have once again made a positive difference in my life.”
L.W., business owner