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Our mission is to help you tell your story and uncover opportunities in a competitive executive marketplace. Here’s what we do and how we do it.

Executive Resume: The Foundation for Your Entire Job Search

A great resume does more than set you apart from the competition. It makes your executive brand crystal-clear, highlights the right information to interest employers, and creates a blueprint for meaningful conversations with recruiters, employers, and network contacts.

Your resume is your calling card, your leave-behind, your first and last impression. Make sure it is your best impression!

Our consultative, in-depth process gives us insight and information so that your resume captures precisely what makes you unique and valuable. Turnaround time for resume development is typically 5–7 business days from consultation to draft delivery.

Fees—Executive Resume Development

  • C-Suite and Very Senior Executives: $2000 to $3500
  • Director to VP-Level Executives: $1800 to $2800
  • Rising Executives with less than 15 years of experience: $1200 to $2000

LinkedIn Profile

An effective LinkedIn profile is essential—no longer optional. Ideally, it will be complementary but not identical to your resume. It should give employers and other contacts added insights into your career, character, and personality.

We create compelling, keyword-rich content for the principal sections (Headline, About, Experience) and guidance in completing all other areas of the profile.

Fees—LinkedIn Profile Development

  • In conjunction with resume development: $695
  • As a standalone service: Same fees as for resume development (see above)

Cover Letter

The days of the leisurely “career story” cover letter are over. Today’s cover letter is an e-note, sent by email and designed for quick viewing. It must quickly capture interest, convey core facts and figures, and move the conversation to the next step.

We write lean, sharp, attention-getting e-notes that you can adapt for multiple audiences and opportunities.

Fees—Executive E-Note (Cover Letter)

  • In conjunction with resume development: $250
  • As a standalone service: $400
  • Customized versions of original letter: Modest additional charge

Executive Bio

The 1-page executive bio is a useful, flexible, highly professional document that you can use in a variety of circumstances during your job search and beyond:

  • To introduce yourself without sending a “job seeker” message (resume)
  • As background for professional events, speaking engagements, and media kits
  • As content for the corporate website when you land your next job!

We create bios that position you for your current career goals and toward your future.

Fee—Executive Bio

  • In conjunction with resume development: $695
  • As a standalone service: $895

Interview and Salary Negotiation Coaching

An interview is a golden opportunity—don’t waste it! From a small investment in training, you greatly boost your odds of earning the next interview and ultimately the offer.

In just 2 hours we help you prepare for typical and not-so-typical interview questions, structure your self-introduction, address your specific foibles and concerns, understand the salary dance, and master the art of storytelling that is so crucial to interview success.

Fees—Interview and Salary Negotiation Coaching

  • 2-hour/2-session program: $595
  • Additional sessions: $300 per hour

Resume Distribution to Recruiters and VC/PE Firms

Put your resume in the hands of the right recruiters—those who specialize in your function, industry, and level.

Your resume will be sent via email, from your own email address. Your specific criteria will determine the makeup of your individual distribution list, and you’ll receive a spreadsheet of your recruiter details for tracking and follow-up.

Fees—Resume Distribution

  • To recruiter or VC/PE database: $795
  • To both lists: $1500
  • Cover letter (e-note) required; see pricing above

Job Search Strategy and Support

The job search process can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t had to look for a job recently—or ever! What do you do first? What’s most important and most effective?

An executive job search specialist can help you define your strategy, create your plan, and carry out the tactics that will lead you to your next great opportunity. We partner with a small team of exceptional, highly experienced career coaches and will connect you directly with the coach who is best suited to your specific needs.

Fees—Job Search Coaching

  • Services from short-term/hourly sessions to comprehensive packages are available.
  • Start with a complimentary coaching consultation to get specific recommendations/fees.

Additional Services

As your partner in managing your executive career, we are here to help you with whatever you need. If we don’t do it, we can connect you with experts who do!

Please get in touch at any time to discuss your needs.

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