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I’ve been writing resume books for 20 years! A lot has changed, but much remains the same. You can read all about the latest trends in my recent books, Modernize Your Resume and Modernize Your Job Search Letters, and glean great advice from the other titles that I’ve written over the years. All are available for purchase at EmeraldCareerPublishing.com.

  • Modernize Your Job Search Letters [November 2016]
  • Best Keywords for Resumes, Letters, and Interviews [April 2016]
  • Modernize Your Resume [January 2016]
  • 30-Minute Resume Makeover
  • Same-Day Resume
  • Enelow-Kursmark Executive Resume Toolkit
  • Kennedy’s Executive Resume Toolkit
  • Cover Letter Magic
  • Expert Resumes for Baby Boomers
  • Executive’s Pocket Guide to ROI Resumes and Job Search
  • 15-Minute Cover Letter
  • Best Resumes for College Students and New Grads
  • Expert Resumes for Military-to-Civilian Transitions
  • Executive Job Search for $100,000 To $1+ Million Jobs
  • How to Choose the Right Person for the Right Job Every Time
  • Sales and Marketing Resumes for $100,000 Careers
  • Expert Resumes For Career Changers
  • Expert Resumes For Computer & Web Jobs
  • Expert Resumes for Teachers & Educators
  • Sales Careers: The Ultimate Guide to Getting a High-Paying Sales Job
  • Expert Resumes for Health Care Professions
  • Expert Resumes For People Returning To Work
  • Expert Resumes For Managers & Executives
  • Expert Resumes For Manufacturing Careers