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Snoozers, Yawners, and Sleepers: Are your resume and LinkedIn profile boring your audience?

While your career marketing materials may not read like a thriller or a witty novel, neither should they put your readers to sleep. Take a hard look at your documents and see if they are guilty of any of these writing flaws—Snoozers, Yawners, or Sleepers—that do exactly the opposite of what you want to happen: …

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6 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 6 Minutes

You’re busy. Or you’re impatient. You never felt a compelling need. Whatever the reason, you’ve resisted a complete makeover of your LinkedIn profile. I get it! It can be quite a task. But if you’re willing to invest just a few minutes, you can make a substantial difference in the readability and effectiveness of your …

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Why Job Boards Don’t Work

Let’s look at the numbers: The average corporate job posting garnered 250 resumes last year, according to ERE.net. From resumes received online, employers choose, on average, 3 people to interview, as reported by Gerry Crispin of CareerXRoads at the 2014 Career Thought Leaders Conference. What that means for job seekers who rely on online applications: …

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7 Things Recruiters Look at on LinkedIn

Recruiters love LinkedIn. It’s a vast database of detailed information about professionals in every field imaginable. And it has terrific search features that let recruiters drill down to find the precise mixture of skills, experience, and attributes that a hiring company is seeking. But, like all of us, recruiters are busy. They need to be …

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