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Never Lie … and Other Lessons for Job Seekers

It’s natural that job seekers want to make themselves look as good as possible. That desire can cause some strange, counterproductive, and even unethical behavior … as I learned from clients and colleagues in recent conversations! Here are the lessons learned: NEVER LIE It’s common and quite natural to frame your stories to show yourself …

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Why Job Boards Don’t Work

Let’s look at the numbers: The average corporate job posting garnered 250 resumes last year, according to ERE.net. From resumes received online, employers choose, on average, 3 people to interview, as reported by Gerry Crispin of CareerXRoads at the 2014 Career Thought Leaders Conference. What that means for job seekers who rely on online applications: …

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4 Tips for Job Search Success in the New Year

Happy new year! If you’re in job-search mode, here are a few tips to jump-start your efforts in this new season. Get prepared before you leap into action. Even Superman took time to change into his superhero clothes. If you leap before you’re fully prepared, you may crash and burn rather than soaring to success. …

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