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Snoozers, Yawners, and Sleepers: Are your resume and LinkedIn profile boring your audience?

While your career marketing materials may not read like a thriller or a witty novel, neither should they put your readers to sleep. Take a hard look at your documents and see if they are guilty of any of these writing flaws—Snoozers, Yawners, or Sleepers—that do exactly the opposite of what you want to happen: …

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6 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 6 Minutes

You’re busy. Or you’re impatient. You never felt a compelling need. Whatever the reason, you’ve resisted a complete makeover of your LinkedIn profile. I get it! It can be quite a task. But if you’re willing to invest just a few minutes, you can make a substantial difference in the readability and effectiveness of your …

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Top Ten Resume Tips: #10—Tell Your Story

You’re reading #10 of my Top Ten Tips for writing your resume. Read all the other tips by clicking on each link: 1. Be focused.—2. Be strategic and selective.— 3. Be succinct.— 4. Stand out from the crowd.— 5. Show results. — 6. Write it right.— 7. Make a great first impression.— 8. Be interesting. — 9. Be specific.— 10. Tell your story. #10 TELL YOUR …

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Top Ten Resume Tips: #1—Be Focused

Boiling down complicated concepts to clear messages is my specialty! That’s what I do every day in distilling decades of executive experience into concise 2-page resumes. It’s also what I do when I’m in training mode—delivering educational sessions at conferences, presenting to groups of job seekers, writing books on the art and science of resume …

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