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Yes, You Need to be on LinkedIn

In a recent conversation with a client I advised him to create a profile on LinkedIn – not only to reap the networking opportunities there, but to build his online presence as an essential tool in today’s world of executive search. He was openly skeptical – “I don’t think many people at my level are doing that.” (He’s a CEO.) OK, I said, but check it out anyway.

A few weeks later, he told me, “I’m a convert.” Not only was “everyone” he knew on LinkedIn (including the most tech-savvy and best-connected senior people), but he had learned first-hand that the tool was actively used by recruiters to “check him out” prior to a meeting – even when there was a personal referral or prior relationship. He definitely wanted them to find him – and to find information that is congruent, on-brand, and consistent with the value messages he’s delivering in his resume and interviews.

So … don’t get caught with the equivalent of your pants down! Build your LinkedIn profile NOW, update and improve it over time, and “be there” when recruiters are looking for someone like you.

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