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Who’s hiring? Who cares!

A post over at Indeed.com examines whether Fortune’s 2008 list of 100 Best Companies to Work For are hiring.

But really, does it matter? Only if you want to be one of the herd… stampeding toward “where the jobs are” (or supposedly are) rather than pursuing a targeted search. By that I mean identifying companies that are a great fit for you (products, industry, culture, growth plans, etc.) and using your network to connect with a decision-maker there. In this kind of search, it really doesn’t matter whether the company is “hiring.” If you can prove you’ll bring value to the company, there’s a good chance they’ll (a) make a position for you; (b) keep you on their radar screen for future opportunities; or even (c) refer you to someone they know who’s facing similar challenges. The worst that can happen is you’ll have a good business discussion (NOT an interview) with someone who can now become part of your network.

Fortune itself tells us that “even during an economic downturn,” these companies are “constantly scouting for talent.” And here’s some more good advice on the subject of targeted search.

Bottom line – worry less about who’s hiring and more about why a specific company might hire you. Make your case, and see what happens!

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