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What’s in Your Wallet?

contact cardIf you’re in career transition, your current business card might not be the best thing to hand out. And if you’re currently unemployed, you certainly don’t want to be circulating an outdated card with email and phone contact information that no longer works.

The answer – in both cases – is a “contact card,” an updated (and better!) name for a business card.

It should include your contact information, of course, but why not go one step further and use your card to ideally position yourself for your target jobs. You can include your target job title, branding statement, and snippets of your most notable career achievements. List your URLs (LinkedIn, VisualCV, your own blog or website).

Here’s a sample:

Flor San Miguel  

Strategic Marketing Executive
Marketing strategist, innovator, and tactical leader of enterprise-wide initiatives that build brand value and result in sustainable, profitable growth.

  • Smythe Associates: Delivered a branding and communications redesign that positioned firm for accelerated expansion in strategic market segments.
  • Pioneer Health Services: Introduced new product portfolios that drove sales up 50% and market share 40% in just 2 years.
  • Fifth Third Bank, Procter & Gamble: Improved sales, profitability, and market share through creative marketing and new product initiatives focused on strategic goals and the bottom line.

513-249-8786 • 513-604-3943
7943 Village Circle Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45241


  1. Teresa Lindsay says:

    I am on both web sites and non of them really worked for me at least. Linked In only if you pay, but who can afford $ 49 US every month for that service. In Europe http://www.xing.com only cost $ 5 monthly and you are able to rally network. I tried the newest thing as well and created a Video Resume which I uploaded to http://www.mayomann.com for free and that really worked for me. Different HR Managers viewed my Video Resume and contacted me even before I as able to check out their Job offers. Wow, no that is worth it’s money… oh well it was free.

  2. Louise says:

    Teresa, thanks for sharing those additional sites, and I’m glad you’ve had success with them. Whatever sites and services you choose to use, it’s essential that you not rely on one single thing to “find” a job for you. Try different sites, be an active networker, have a clear message about your expertise and value, and eventually all of those threads will weave together.

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