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Value of a Personal Brand

I’m a bit late to the party, finally getting around to reading Never Eat Alone, the consummate book on networking by Keith Ferrazzi. Lots of valuable information here – especially pertaining to long-term career management and the value of relationship-building.

I came across a concise summation of the value of branding:

“Good personal brands do three highly significant things for your network of contacts: They provide a credible, distinctive, and trustworthy entity. They project a compelling message. They attract more and more people to you and your cause, as you’ll stand out in an increasingly cluttered world.”

In a nutshell, there’s your rationale for clarifying and communicating your brand in your resume and other career marketing messages. Too many people try to create a resume with all the “right” information when instead it should contain “your” information. What makes you unique and distinctive? Shout it out!


  1. Gary Capone says:

    You’re right about the importance of a personal brand and in an active job search, it is even more important. When a hiring manager or recruiter reviews candidates, they might look at dozens or hundreds at a time. Few will be memorable. A clear, concise personal brand, demonstrated in a cover letter, resume and interviews will help the job seeker make an impression that sticks.

  2. Hi, Gary – thanks for your comment. You have pinpointed the true value of a well-defined personal brand: it sticks! I see so many resumes that are bland and formulaic, I don’t know how hiring authorities tell one candidate from another. How refreshing it is to see one that’s different – with a distinctive tone and clearly articulated value. It makes the candidate instantly memorable.

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