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Talent Shortage?

In a survey of senior executives, “respondents rated ‘leading and maintaining talent in challenging economic conditions’ as a key career-related concern for 2012,” according to BlueSteps president Peter Felix.

Who would think there’s a talent shortage given the state of the economy and high unemployment rates! Yet it’s something we keep hearing about – the need to find the right person with the right capabilities to lead through challenging times.

The lessons for executive job seekers:

  • Understand your value. What do you do really well? Make sure you communicate that unique value in your resume, LinkedIn profile, networking messages, interviews, etc.
  • Be confident. Companies need you, companies want you, companies will pay you well for your ability to make them thrive.
  • Be specific. If you have a certain area of expertise or deep experience in a specific industry, position yourself as a specialist, not a generalist. It’s easier to rise to the top in a small field, where you’re not one of thousands with more general skills and knowledge.

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