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Recruiters: A Different Animal?

headhunter_logo.gifComplaints about recruiters abound on “our” side of the employment equation – the candidate’s side. I hear about recruiters who won’t return phone calls, ignore highly qualified candidates, can’t see past the limited scope of their job specifications, and don’t know much about the companies they’re representing.

Of course, every story has more than one perspective, and I think it’s valuable to visit the other side of the equation from time to time – so I know what recruiters are thinking, why they behave the way they do, and how I can best help and advise my clients on working with them.

In that “other side” role, I write for an excellent site called RecruitingTrends.com. There’s lots of great information here about the state of the employment market, the looming talent shortage, and what companies are doing (or should be doing) to attract and retain the right employees. They’re worried about it, believe me!

Why not check it out and perhaps give yourself an advantage in working with recruiters – who are, after all, the same “animal” as the rest of us.

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