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Networking from the Giving Side

The son of our good friends just started a wonderful job at a great company, and we feel GREAT! Why? Because we helped him out, just a bit.

I use the royal “we” because actually my husband did the helping – first recommending him for an interview, then providing interview tips, company information, and general guidance to this young engineer. And when the job offer came through, we were almost as thrilled as our friends!

All of this makes me think about the networking cycle. Good networking means giving when you can, asking when you need help. And the interesting thing about it is that it feels so good to be on the giving side!

So often job seekers who are urged to “network” are very hesitant about asking for help. They don’t want to be a pest or burden … they don’t want to pressure their friends and relatives into doing something … they think they should get by on their own. Yet, when you flip it around and think about how good it feels to give, your whole perspective will change!

In fact, consider it a gift to allow your friends to help you. (Think about how you’d feel if the circumstances were reversed and I’m sure you’ll agree.) Then make it easy for them by being specific about what you want, asking only for what they can give, and following through on their suggestions.

When you land that new job, your friends will be share your joy and feel wonderful about being able to help. Trust me, I know!

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