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Losing Tom Brady

42225505 Well, if you’re a New England Patriots fan or if Tom Brady is on your Fantasy Football team, no doubt you are devastated at the news that the star quarterback will miss the entire season after suffering an injury in the first quarter of the first game of the year. As the Boston Herald puts it, a “primal scream” has erupted ’round the world.
All I know is that Sunday afternoons and Monday nights will be a lot less comfortable and enjoyable in my part of the country.

But think about what comes next – an almost-as-interesting drama that totally relates to corporate scenarios when the “superstar performer” goes down for the count or leaves the team.
Ask yourself, what would YOU do if you were facing this scenario?

  • Will the backup stand up? If you’ve been the steady #2, here’s your chance to shine. Or, you can stay a second-tier player the rest of your career.
  • Will the team coalesce? It’s tough to lose your leader, but perhaps you can play an instrumental role in rallying the team and keeping everyone focused on the goal.
  • Will a new leader emerge? Is this your chance to rise, fill the void, and provide new leadership?
  • Will the playbook change? You have to adapt to a different team, different capabilities, different leadership. Figure out what needs to change and do it quickly rather than relying on strategies that might not be relevant.
  • Will the competition seize the opportunity? Maybe one of your competitors has lost a big gun. You can swoop in and capture the victory – if you are prepared, poised, and agile enough to take advantage.

When handed lemons, make lemonade. What seems the sourest note could end up being the sweetest thing that ever happened to you – if you look on it as opportunity rather than tragedy.

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