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LinkedIn vs. Resume: Discuss!

Your LinkedIn profile is not a resume, but it does share some of the same features and qualities. How, then, should it be different—and how important is that?

I share my 5 Keys to Success in a recent LinkedIn Pulse article, and you can download my full 6-page report on this website.

But, in essence, when writing your LinkedIn profile:

  • Make it different (from your resume)—a complement, not a copycat!
  • Make it conversational.
  • Tell your stories.
  • Share more—add-ons that help reveal who you are and what you do well.
  • Share less—be careful about confidential information that might be in your resume but should not be in a public forum.

LinkedIn is incredibly powerful and broad-reaching. A great profile can definitely boost your job search and your career overall. Let me know if you need help writing your profile—it’s one of the things I most love doing!

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