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LinkedIn for Executives

When potential employers, recruiters, and contacts Google you, what do they find? You’d better know, and it had better be good, relevant, on-brand, and supportive of your long-term career and current job search goals.

And yes, you had better be on LinkedIn – the #1 online professional networking site, also known as “the recruiter’s passive candidate database.” In other words, the information you list about yourself on LinkedIn can cause a recruiter to find you (via a keyword search) and possibly contact you for an opportunity or a referral. Conversely, not having enough information or the right information will mean you are indistinguishable in the sea of millions of other professionals on LinkedIn.

If you’re not confident your LinkedIn profile represents you powerfully and professionally, you can learn how to do a better job through this webcast I  designed for career professionals. Tap into my “insider secrets” to create your own winning profile!

Of course, just being on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you’re taking advantage of all of its capabilities. Here are two excellent resources from expert Jason Alba – a webinar and a self-paced DVD.

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