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Is the Executive Resume Becoming Obsolete?

Meg Guiseppi over at the Executive Resume Branding Blog has a terrific post on this topic… with some expert opinions, thoughtful analysis, and great advice.

The bottom line: You need to be visible online. You need to have a compelling and up-to-date LinkedIn profile with some pertinent, stellar recommendations.  You should take the time to create a VisualCV to present a rich picture of yourself beyond your resume. All of this is vitally important both during a job search and for ongoing career management.

But…. you still need a resume. In fact, all of these pieces should go hand-in-hand to present a powerful, cohesive, on-brand message about you and your value.


  1. Meg Guiseppi says:

    Hi Louise,

    Thanks for linking to my post. I surely appreciate the nod.

    You’re probably finding, as I am, that so many executive clients who come to you aren’t particularly tech savvy and are baffled by how to deal with today’s job search.

    They can take the advice of networking and LinkedIn expert Jason Alba. In a recent blog Q&A with him, I asked what words of encouragement he could offer executive job seekers daunted by how to proceed.

    His answer: “If you do NOTHING else, you need to have a LinkedIn Profile and strategy. . . Your competition (probably younger) is participating in social environments like LinkedIn, and many recruiters depend on LinkedIn to find talent. If you aren’t there, you aren’t being found, but your competition is.”


  2. Louise says:

    Hi, Meg – thanks for the validation. I’d love to hear some success stories from executives who have been found or have found opportunities through LinkedIn. We know “everyone” is using it and every savvy professional should be well represented there. Now I’d like to tie it to some results!

  3. It is very important to understand each tool and figure out which works best for you. I would recommend starting by creating a LinkedIn account, which is THE professional hot spot for staying connected to colleagues, former colleagues and industry peers. However, don’t limit yourself to just one network. Take time to explore other networks, and ask your friends what they use. One word of caution – if you do plan on using your account for your personal life and friends, I would suggest making an account only dedicated to your professional pursuits. This will keep your private and professional life separate.

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