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Is Online Job Search Getting Better?

It’s encouraging to see that job sites and services are emerging and evolving to better serve job seekers and employers alike… and to help relieve the incredible frustration occurring on BOTH sides of the hiring equation!

Here’s a list of a few sites that seem to be building a better mousetrap.

One of my favorites (included on the list) is JibberJobber – a great tool for keeping track of your job search, your career, your life! (If you’re my client, contact me about a complimentary upgrade to “premium” service.)

But never forget that all of this online stuff should be only an adjunct to a targeted, network-focused search. It can help you gather information, find resources and contacts, organize your search, and keep yourself on schedule. It can’t (a) take the place of human-to-human connection; (b) eliminate the grunt work of building a contact-to-contact chain toward your ultimate goal; or (c) find a job for you. Use it, benefit from it, but don’t rely on it as the sole source for your next job!

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