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I’m in the Wall Street Journal!

More and more job seekers are turning to professional resume writers in hopes of getting a sharp edge in a competitive job market. As with any significant purchase, it’s wise to do your homework, investigate your options, be clear on what you’ll get, and carefully screen the businesses and individuals you are considering working with.

Joann Lublin said all that (and much more and much better!) in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. She interviewed me extensively to obtain the quotes and information featured in the story. I was very pleased to give her some positive information to counteract the sad tale that leads her article.

I know literally hundreds of resume writers who are talented, ethical, and deeply devoted to the interests of their clients. In fact, I wrote a book (Directory of Professional Resume Writers) that lists many of these writers and provides comprehensive guidelines for how to choose the right pro and how to best work with him or her to achieve a positive outcome. Bottom line: Do your homework; be sure your expectations are clear; and participate fully in the process of developing your career marketing materials.

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