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I Love Resume Writing!

Everyone loves writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles … don’t they?

Maybe not. But I certainly do, and that’s a good thing, because resume writing is my job. And I find it fascinating!

I am lucky enough to spend my time …

  • Distilling 10, 20, 30, even 40 or more years of work/life into 2 pages of information meaningful to employers.
  • Telling cohesive career stories that pull together themes and threads from diverse experiences.
  • Meeting exceptional people! My clients are amazing and delightful, with many different talents, interests, and experiences.
  • Living vicariously. When I write a resume for someone in Switzerland or Georgia or Hong Kong, I go there in mind if not in body.
  • Instilling confidence. When they see the picture I’ve painted, my clients better understand their value in the marketplace and feel great about what they have to offer.
  • Preparing clients for the tough process of job search. The resume is often the first step, and a great resume is a strong foundation.
  • Writing! I love to write. It’s immensely satisfying to make a career from doing something I love.
  • Editing. Especially, I love to edit down copy so that it gets ever tighter, ever higher in impact, without losing meaning.
  • Proofreading and nitpicking. Yes, I’m a grammar geek and a perfectionist.

One thing I’m giving thanks for this year is that I have found my career niche. (Actually, I found it decades ago and haven’t budged!) My work enriches my life and gives me all kinds of psychic rewards.

I wish the same to you. If not this year, by next Thanksgiving.

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