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How to Hit a Home Run

Excellent piece in Fortune this month about “what’s working” for people in a job hunt.

What’s interesting is that what’s working now are the same things that have always worked. These job seekers haven’t re-invented the job hunt wheel or found anything new under the sun. It still – and always – comes down to clear messages, outreach, relationships, and persistence.

The only new twists are that some of these efforts involve technologies and services (LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, email) that didn’t exist in other tough job markets. Still, these are tools, not panaceas.

I was most impressed by the story of Rob Sparno. And – hey! – he’s 55! He set a tight target and methodically pursued people at his ideal companies. He created a positive support group. He used sales ahomerun.jpgnd marketing techniques to get to the right people. And he did his homework, so when his efforts produced a meeting, he was prepared with some carefully researched ideas about the company’s probable problems, and some carefully prepared ideas about how he could solve them. A home run!

And – as we enter baseball season! – it seems apt to mention that the greatest hitters are successful only about 1/3 of the time they step up to the plate. Every effort won’t lead to a job, but keep putting in the time and (smart) efforts, and you’ll reach “home” before long.


  1. Louise: I loved the Fortune Article. It was a slick summary of what’s working- a targeted marketing campaign.
    I just found you blog on Career Advice Blogs and look forward to following your posts. I am a also a career management guide, I call myself a career sherpa. Good luck and nice blog!

  2. Hannah, thanks for your comment. What I liked about the article, too, is that it had a positive spin to it that is so helpful amid the constant bad news.

    Good luck “sherpa-ing”!

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