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Going Global

It’s a small world after all – I apologize for putting that tune in your head, but I’ve been humming it myself this morning as I prepare for two phone calls today with clients in Europe and Asia.

I’m an eternal optimist, so I see our shrinking world and globalized economy as a good thing. I understand the position of Bill McKibben about sustaining local economies. But I can’t but think how boring it would be to limit ourselves to our local environment. Traveling, learning about other cultures,  living and working in different countries – these experiences not only enliven our lives, they help us appreciate and understand people who are different from ourselves.

I find it amazing and exciting that my client – originally from France, then in Japan, now in Thailand, next year who knows -  isn’t limited by his local environment. His “small world” is now the whole wide world.


  1. Fernando says:

    What is your opinion about executives with global experience (experience in ohter country) that want to go back to their country of origin and cash in that “experience”?

  2. Louise says:

    Well, Fernando, I think it’s a great thing to do if that’s where your heart lies. If you decide to return to your native country, you might be able to do so with your current employer or with a large multinational firm. Then you can scope out the situation and perhaps make a move to a country-of-origin firm that you think will benefit from your expertise.

    With regard to your resume, letters, and other marketing messages, you will want to emphasize that value and share how your experiences can help the new firm and perhaps even the country.


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