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Change Your Perception to Interview Better

Sweaty palms. Dry throat. Feeling that you’re on the “hot seat,” being interrogated by someone intent on finding out all of your flaws and faults.

Is that how you perceive interviews?

Try changing your perception. Instead …

It’s a business meeting between equals, with the purpose for both of you to determine if it might be valuable to work together.

  • Your job is to find out if the position meets your needs, suits your talents, and captures your interest.
  • Employers need to determine if you have the skills, experience, and intangibles they’re looking for.

Think of all the business meetings you’ve attended. Have you been nervous and defensive? Probably not! A little pumped up, perhaps, and that can be a good thing.

Treat each interview as an important business meeting, and go into it with specific objectives – getting the information you need and proceeding to the next step.

And keep in mind that the employer would absolutely love for you to be the ideal candidate! Rather than trying to screen you out, most interviewers are looking to end the time-consuming task of hiring to get on with their real jobs.

Change your perception, and you’ll find that interviews become less stressful as the process becomes less personal and more professional. And, as a result, you appear more confident, less “desperate,” and – surprisingly – a more desirable candidate.

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