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Career Trends—What’s Hot, What’s Not

I am gearing up for one of my favorite work days of the year: Career Jam.

Career Jam is an intensive, interactive, small-group exploration of “what’s new and what’s next” in the world of careers. We meet locally and, for some, virtually, convening with other career professionals—resume writers, career coaches and counselors, university career center staff, military transition staff, recruiters, and others who work in the careers industry. It’s sponsored by Career Thought Leaders.

We brainstorm specific topics, then consolidate and share our findings with all of the other groups to create an annual report of what’s changed and what’s changing.

Why do I love it? Let me count the ways …

  1. I get out of my home office and interact with others who are just as interested and passionate about careers as I am.
  2. I learn from the diverse viewpoints represented in my group and even more from findings shared by groups from around the world.
  3. We can take deep dives into esoteric topics that, to be honest, would be of limited interest to most in my social circle!
  4. I return home energized, inspired, and educated with new knowledge and ideas.

My personal investment (some time and a little money) is more than repaid by what I gain. And it’s satisfying to contribute to our field of knowledge and create a resource that we can further share with those who can’t attend.

Career Jam: I’ll be there, excited to give and to get. And I’ll be sure to share the most fascinating findings.

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