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Are You Playing the Waiting Game?

waiting_1.jpgAre you frustrated by employers who don’t follow up with you? On tenterhooks waiting for the next interview or the job offer? There’s some excellent advice in this week’s issue of the Ask The Headhunter newsletter. I recommend that you sign up to receive this free resource every week! It’s full of honest (sometimes painfully so) responses to very common questions related to recruiters, employers, job search, resumes, etc. – from the perspective of an experienced, ethical, trenchant, witty, and opinionated recruiter!

With regard to the “waiting game,” The Headhunter suggests that you not play along. At the close of every interview, set expectations for when the next steps will be taken and when you should (and will) follow up. Most important, don’t place all your eggs in one job “basket”; you have virtually no control over the situation until you’ve received an offer, when the shoe shifts to the other foot.

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