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Are You Buying Into the Gloom and Doom?

It’s not much fun reading the business pages of the newspaper today, or watching the nightly news or finance/business news shows. Page after page, story after story, it’s about layoffs, business closings, lack of capital, shrinkage of VC funding, and so forth. If you’re looking for a job, the future can seem bleak indeed!

I admit I am a bit of a Pollyanna, but I refuse to buy into the general gloom and doom. I know from my clients that companies ARE hiring, businesses ARE growing, and those that will succeed are not throwing in the towel – they are looking for leaders who will help them recognize and seize opportunities.

Make sure your message is all about opportunities spotted, costs controlled, smart expansion, vision and execution, and outperforming the competition. Be the astute leader who can steer a company through the rough waters and prepare for the economic upturn that will – undoubtedly – come.

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