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Resume Advice, Employment Opinions, Career Expertise – Jump In!

ocean swimming
Launching a blog feels a bit like approaching the ocean on a hot summer day. I anticipate it will be fun and refreshing… but there’s an equally good chance I’ll get a cold shock, find something unpleasant underfoot, or encounter a crab or a shark.

Yet I’m ready to plunge in and hope you’ll join me. Your comments and opinions are always welcome!

I’m active across the wide ocean of career management and employment. I write resumes, write books on career topics, speak to diverse audiences (job seekers, recruiters, fellow career professionals), and hang out with the best and brightest in the careers field through my board and professional affiliations. I promise to give you straight talk and carefully considered advice.

In turn, I hope you’ll share your own experiences and opinions. Jump in – the water’s fine, and together we can keep each other afloat.

 Louise Kursmark

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